Dr Yu’s leave and cover arrangements  

Dr Chrissie Yu Dr Chrissie Yu MBBS (Lond.) MD (Lond.) FRCOG, Consultant Obstetrician & Specialist in Fetal-Maternal Medicine Published July 10th 2021

In alignment with all private obstetricians and in accordance with best practice to cover all types of leave, Miss Yu has cross-cover arrangements in place with two highly experienced consultant obstetricians.

  • Mr Etienne Horner
  • Mr Jonny Lai

An introduction can be arranged on request. These consultant cross-cover arrangements are in place to maintain the continuity of your care in the event of Dr Yu’s leave and the following:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Sickness or contagious illness
  • Impromptu or last-minute family commitments
  • Bereavement or compassionate leave
  • The unlikely event that two of Miss Yu’s patients are giving birth simultaneously

At the time of your booking enquiry, you will be informed about Dr Yu’s planned annual leave dates for the year ahead. It is understandable if you then decide to appoint another obstetrician for your care. However, if your due date clashes with Miss Yu’s holiday, she can still care for you throughout your pregnancy on the understanding that one of the cross-cover consultants may attend your delivery.

Dr Yu is occasionally required to take leave for continuing medical and professional development as required by the medical authorities, councils and fellowships.

In addition to her planned holidays above, Miss Yu allocates approximately 1 in 4 weekends for personal leave. We’re unable to publish these dates in advance but where possible any such leave will be arranged around patients’ needs and due dates.

We always endeavour to keep you informed at all times about Miss Yu’s leave and ask for your understanding about the unpredictable nature of labour and childbirth. There is always the potential that Miss Yu may not be present at the birth of your baby. However – to reassure you – this is an extremely rare occurrence.

You will be advised at the time of your booking if Miss Yu is likely to be on holiday around your due date.
Please note that in the unlikely event that Miss Yu is unable – for whatever reason – to attend your baby’s birth, all fees, whether paid or outstanding fees under the terms of your obstetric care contract will still apply and remain your liability.

Meeting with a professional is always recommended when concerned.

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