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The following extracts are just a few taken verbatim from the numerous cards and letters that Miss Yu receives from families after the birth of their babies. They come from all over the world. Many come via referral from friends or family. Many return for the pregnancy care and birth of their third or fourth baby!

Dear Chrissie,
A belated but HUGE thank you for delivering our darling G into the world! We are so grateful to have been supported and cared for by you throughout my entire pregnancy and all the twists and turns it took! You’re an exceptional doctor who manages to be both a top-of -the-league clinical expert but also a kind and caring guide through what is a scary time; especially for first-time mothers.

Please pass on my deepest appreciation also to Leigh, Melizza and Nick who were each brilliant, responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with.

With gratitude

S, R & G!!, DECEMBER 2023

Dear Miss Yu (Chrissie!)

Thank you for looking after me during pregnancy and supporting me to have exactly the birth I wanted. We are forever grateful for your expertise and care.

Love from,

R, S, N & L, DECEMBER 2023

Chrissie, There are no words to describe how thankful we are for your wonderful care during my pregnancy, labour and delivery.
You’ve helped bring a perfect miracle into our lives and we couldn’t be more happy with him. Because of your warmth and great smiles we felt we were in good hands and that gave us peace of mind towards the big day.


Dear Chrissie!
Thank you for our two most special Christmas gifts!



Dear Chrissie, Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for our family over the past 9 months. I am still in shock over how totally perfect our birth was and it was solely down to you and your exceptional level of care. I felt totally at ease from start to finish.

O, X E, A & M, DECEMBER 2023

Dear Chrissie, Thank you for being by our side for the most magical Christmas holidays ever!


Dear Chrissie, we can’t thank you enough for safely delivering our baby daughter, C. WE felt so safe and supported all the way through the process thanks to your kindness and expertise. We have told all our friends how brilliant you are and if we are lucky enough to have another baby one day we will be calling you straight away!

A & J, DECEMBER 2023

Dear Miss Chrissie Yu!
Thank you for delivering our baby girl, E, safely in our arms, thank you for taking good care of us all. E is an absolute dream.
All our love,

R, J,& E, NOVEMBER 2023

Dear Chrissie,

Thank you so much for being so incredible throughout my pregnancy and of course for the birth of gorgeous R.
You were amazing and we could not have felt in better or safer hands. You have given us the best gift there is!

A million thank yous. And thank you also to Ainara, Melizza and Leigh for their support too.

All our best wishes.

I, A & R., SEPTEMBER 2023

Dear Miss Yu,

Thank you for delivering my baby boy, E, 2 weeks ago. We will always cherish the memories of that special morning when our baby entered the world under your care.

With heartfelt appreciation.

E & V., SEPTEMBER 2023


The twins got discharged from NICU after 6 weeks and we then headed back to the BVI when they were 12 weeks old. The girls are thriving. My c-section scar is amazing – thank you. Whilst it was a shock/surprise we still look back fondly on our birth and we have you and the Lindo team to thank.

Take care, lots of love.

T, S, E & E., SEPTEMBER 2023

Dear Chrissie!

Thank you for bringing two of the greatest joys of our life into this world. Your skill, care and compassion during both pregnancies and deliveries were unparalleled. Knowing that we were in your capable hands gave us immense comfort.

Thank you!

L, G, E and L, SEPTEMBER 2023

Dear Chrissie,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support on our journey to become parents. Words cannot describe thr joy of welcoming the most precious gift into our life. It could not be possible without you.

Our instinct was so right, we knew that you are the best doctor when we first met you at the Pregnancy Open Night event.

We will always remember your wonderful care you gave us and our baby boy.


Dear Chrissie,

Thank you so much for the incredible care and attention we received from you over the past nine months ensuring the safe delivery of our healthy baby – S. We cannot begin to express our gratitude and look forward (please God) seeing you again in the not too distant future.

With all our love and best wishes.

A, E & S, JULY 2023

Dear Dr Yu,

No words will ever be enough to express our gratitude. We’ll forever remember your wonderful care for both of us. M is very fortunate to have been born through your hands. Thank you for all the support and care.

M, JULY 2023

Dear Dr Yu,

Thank you for always listening, taking the time to explain, and for supporting our birthing wishes. We will forever be grateful for your support and guidance in this pregnancy and for helping N come into this world safely.

We hope these homemade cookies will bring you and your team a tiny bit of the sense of love and comfort that we felt on the day.

A & P, JUNE 2023

Dear Chrissie,

K and I can’t thank you enough for your excellent care during my pregnancy and for the safe arrival of our daughter H. We always felt in such safe hands at each appointment and during H’s delivery even with her surprising us all at a chunky 9lbs 15ozs! You took such good care of me and H and we are forever grateful.

G, K & H, MAY 2023

Dear Chrissie,

Thank you so much again for being so incredible with the delivery of my son R. I am delighted with how everything went and I know that I could not have been in better hands.


Hi Chrissy. The anaesthetist took lots of pictures and videos during the birth which were great to look at recently. I have attached a really nice photo of you and baby A (below). Use it on your website or something if you like. A is eating and sleeping really well. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.



We couldn’t be more grateful…you are an incredibly hard working and kind professional, a calming and fashionable badass!

B, K & E, NOVEMBER 2021

Dear Dr Yu. We did it! Forever grateful to you for the perfect pregnancy and delivery. You are truly one of a kind. With love and gratitude

E, W & Baby C, NOVEMBER 2021

Dear Chrissy. Not sure how we begin to thank you for bringing our three healthy children into the world safely. Thank you for doing it with such professionalism and expertise but also with good humour and warmth.

B, L, M, A & F, OCTOBER 2021

Dear Chrissie. Thank you for delivering our little princess into the world – what a bunch of happiness she is! We are so pleased that you are our doctor, you are simply amazing.


Dear Chrissie,

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for the extraordinary care you have given us right from the start of this precious journey. Your patience, kindness, regular contact, generosity of time and care have made the pregnancy and birth the happiest time of our lives.

From the moment we found out about L’s existence, you have gone above and beyond our expectations. We have felt so honoured to have you looking after us. Every appointment was on time and with plenty of notice. You allayed our fears when we had reduced movements, you reassured us when we were worried about Covid-19 and you made us feel prioritised in every way.

On the day of our elective section we had exemplary care from you and from your whole team. Everything was clearly explained and efficiently delivered with minimal pain. We needed only one day’s stay in hospital and are now recovering so well. L is feeding brilliantly. On day 3 post-section we went for a walk. M’s scar is healing perfectly.

We will never forget this incredible, life-changing experience and we will be recommending our friends and relatives to you.

Thank you.

M, P, & Little L, JUNE 2020

Thank you so much for G’s safe delivery & for looking after me. We are very grateful for your kind and golden hands! I’m blessed and lucky to have met you, thank you for all your help. You’re an amazing doctor.

T, A & G, 2018

We are deeply grateful for your excellent and loving care during my pregnancy and delivery of our baby. I feel to be in best hands and the whole experience was just overwhelming for us. Thank you for your commitment and for comforting me at all times.

E & D R, 2018

From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much for all you did for us, professionally and personally. Our daughter F and her mother could not have had better care and dedication every step of the way.

I, M & F, 2017

We are so grateful for your excellent care throughout the pregnancy and birth of our first child. You are a truly gifted physician, and we could not imagine this journey without your guiding hand.