Pregnancy Care & Antenatal Insights

Ultrasound scans guide

Dr Chrissie Yu

Published March 15th 2024

Ultrasound scans are used for multiple purposes from monitoring an unborn baby to diagnosing a condition & more. Read our guide to learn more.

About caesarean sections

Dr Chrissie Yu

Published September 8th 2023

C-sections, sometimes known as caesareans, have become steadily more common over recent years, and now account for around one of every three births in the UK.

Pregnancy guide week by week

Dr Chrissie Yu

Published March 9th 2023

Pregnancy is a natural process and different for every woman. Here’s a quick guide to what you can expect week-by-week during your pregnancy.

Antenatal appointments and care schedules

Dr Chrissie Yu

Published June 25th 2021

Dr Yu’s private pregnancy care packages include care from your initial appointment through to your delivery and for six weeks into the postnatal period.