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Private Pregnancy Care

Dr Chrissie Yu MBBS (Lond.) MD (Lond.) FRCOG
Consultant Obstetrician & Specialist in Fetal-Maternal Medicine

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Private pregnancy care in London with Dr Chrissie Yu

Your pregnancy is a wondrous, natural, and healthy state; the birth of your child is an entirely normal physiological event. Every pregnancy and every birth are different and whether you’re considering a natural or assisted delivery; my constant and absolute priority is the care and safety of you and your baby.

Dr Chrissie Yu 2024

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One to one pregnancy care in London with a highly regarded consultant obstetrician

Dr Chrissie Yu is a consultant obstetrician with patients at two private hospitals in London. Her specialist skills are in high-risk obstetrics, fetal-maternal medicine, ultrasound scanning, and managing medical disorders in pregnancy.

The majority of pregnancies are normal and natural – but no two are ever alike. Dr Yu’s focus is on your care, clinical best practice and the needs of you and your baby and a positive birth experience. You have the reassurance that in the event that your pregnancy or labour doesn’t follow the predicted or desired course, Dr Yu applies her long experience to achieve the optimum outcome for you and your baby.

Private pregnancy care package fees

Dr Yu’s pregnancy care packages provide you with 1:1 consultant-led care and on-call cover prior to baby’s delivery.

  • All antenatal consultations
  • Routine antenatal ultrasound scans performed by Dr Yu
  • Baby’s delivery and your 6-week postnatal check
  • Any mode of delivery: Vaginal birth, assisted delivery, C-section.

Single Pregnancy


Twin Pregnancy


Single Pregnancy


Twin Pregnancy


Single Pregnancy


Single Pregnancy


Your choice of two private hospitals in London

Dr Yu sees her patients at two prestigious private London hospitals for your ante natal appointments and the birth of your baby.

You can choose either of these hospitals for your appointments and the birth of your baby. To arrange a private guided visit please contact the hospital direct.

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Fees for specialist pregnancy scans and tests

These specialist scans and tests are not included in Dr Yu’s pregnancy care package fees

Dr Yu will perform these herself and may also refer you to the Fetal Medicine Centre.

Any other blood tests or investigations to be advised as required.
Additional charges may apply for twin pregnancies.

Single Pregnancy


Twin Pregnancy


Single Pregnancy


Twin Pregnancy




Antenatal booking bloods


GBS swab


High vaginal swab


General bloods / screening

£80 – £550

Specialist pregnancy scans and tests

All your early pregnancy scans are performed personally by Dr Yu. As a fetal medicine specialist with 18 years’ extensive experience, she holds expert accreditation from the Fetal Medicine Foundation and performs ultrasound examinations and invasive procedures including CVS and Amniocentesis.

Visibility scans or dating scans are performed at 7-11 weeks of pregnancy

This is the first stage at which the fetus can be seen in greater detail.

At this stage you can usually discover the sex of your baby with very reliable sexing.

It has been discovered that a blood sample taken from the mother at any time from early pregnancy can be analysed for cell free fetal DNA

After you have had the results of the combined test, you can make an informed choice about whether to have a CVS (Chorionic Villus Sample) at 12 weeks, or an amniocentesis at 16 weeks.

Dr Yu will plot measurements of your baby’s head, brain, abdomen and legs on a chart.

If your baby is at risk of premature birth, it may be useful to have a scan.

During this scan Dr Yu measures the baby’s head, abdomen and limbs, and estimates its weight.

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