Self-Pay Healthcare vs Insurance

Are you covered?

It is common for Miss Yu to see families who are covered under medical insurance for all or part of their obstetric care. Miss Yu’s PA is happy to deal with your insurance company, but only if you provide full details of policy numbers, letters of guarantee, claim authorisation, claim numbers, and claim forms.

UK insurers

Please note that UK Insurers don’t cover private obstetric care. Even in the rare circumstances that your insurance qualifies you for an emergency caesarean section, only a proportion of Miss Yu’s total fee is reimbursed by insurers. Any shortfall is your responsibility.

If your care is insured

Miss Yu undertakes your care only on the basis that her fees are settled directly and in full within 7 days of the date of invoices. Thereafter, although her PA can provide information to help you to recover any funds owed by your insurance company, the fees remain your responsibility until ALL outstanding fees are settled by your insurance company.

If you live outside the UK

Insured clients from overseas need to have a Letter of Guarantee for payment of Miss Yu’s fees before treatment, confirming that they have adequate insurance cover and up to what level and have provided full details of policy numbers, claim authorisation, claim numbers, and claim forms.

Insurance shortfalls

It is important to understand that shortfalls for private obstetric fees are common; they can sometimes be substantial. Liability for these shortfalls always lies personally with you, the insured.

Confirming your insurance cover

If you are unsure about your insurance covers, please speak directly to your insurance company. We will need to see full details of policy numbers, payment authorisation, letters of guarantee, claim numbers and claim forms before we provide formal confirmation of your obstetric package.