Dr Chrissie Yu Pregnancy and Gynaecology Guides

Published September 8th 2023

Caesarean section

C-sections, sometimes known as caesareans, have become steadily more common over recent years, and now account for around one of every three births in the UK.

Published March 9th 2023

Pregnancy Guide Week by Week

Pregnancy is a natural process and different for every woman. Here’s a quick guide to what you can expect week-by-week during your pregnancy.

Published July 10th 2021

Planning and Packing Tips for a Private maternity Hospital Stay

Remember you are having a baby; not moving house. However it is wise to get your things together well in advance.

Published July 10th 2021

Annual Leave and Public Holidays

In common with all private obstetricians and in accordance with best practice, Miss Yu has cross-cover arrangements in place with two highly-experienced consultant obstetricians.

Published July 8th 2021

Private Pregnancy Doctor, Gynaecologist Accreditations

In 2004, Chrissie was awarded an MD from the University of London for her research.

Published June 29th 2021

Self-Pay Healthcare vs Insurance

It is common for Miss Yu to see families who are covered under medical insurance for all or part of their obstetric care.

Published June 29th 2021

Dr Chrissie Yu's Published Research

Published research by Dr Chrissie Yu.

Published June 25th 2021

Antenatal Appointments Care Schedules

Miss Yu’s private pregnancy care packages include care from your initial appointment through to your delivery and for six weeks into the postnatal period.