Recurrent miscarriage screen: £1,350

Miscarriages can be deeply upsetting and traumatic, and sadly some women suffer multiple pregnancy losses. It’s not always clear why recurrent miscarriages occur and there can be many complex and varied causes. Our recurrent miscarriage screen is designed to give you an insight into the possible causes, offer advice to reduce the risk of miscarriage and improve the chance of a successful pregnancy. This package is designed for women who have experienced two or more miscarriages.

  • Consultation with Dr Hayes
  • Detailed discussion of medical history and personal health concerns
  • Abdominal and pelvic examination
  • Blood tests:
    • Activated protein C resistance
    • AMH
    • Anticardiolipin antibodies
    • Antithrombin III
    • Chromosomal analysis (blood)
    • Beta II glycoprotein
    • Factor V Leiden gene
    • Factor VIII assay
    • Full blood count
    • Lupus anticoagulant
    • MTHFR gene
    • Protein C and protein S
    • Thyroid function
  • Prescription arrangement
  • Follow up consultation to discuss all test results
  • Individualised plan for future pregnancies
  • Written medical report
  • Chromosomal analysis for male partner: £550
  • Pelvic ultrasound scan

Additional tests can be added at your request or Dr Hayes’ recommendation. Please note additional fees may apply.

Please note the above fees are only applicable to self-paying patients. Additional hospital fees may also apply and will be billed to you direct by the Portland Hospital. For further information, please contact the PA team.